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You are going to have what you need to remain warm this fall and winter when you have a blazer like this. The thick wool material of the blazer is perfect to maintain your warmth even as it is getting colder outside. This includes a wide lapel with a single split high on the collar with an exposed seam. The fold from the collar joins at the waist where the two buttons for the double-breasted style of the blazer are located. This will allow you to enjoy a classic style with a modern twist. The long sleeves do not have any buttons for a cleaner and more casual look. Extended length of the blazer means that you will have even more protection from the cold by going down past your hips. This single-color design blazer will allow you to easily mix and match it with your different outfits to complete your look

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  Bust 36.5          38        39.5"          41" 

 92cm                96cm  100cm      104cm

Length 31.5"      32"       32.5"         33" 
80cm                 81cm      82cm       83cm 

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