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women's skirt

women's skirt

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You are going to love the bohemian looks you can create whenever you have a skirt like this in your collection. The maxi length of the skirt is perfect for when you would like to maintain the right amount of coverage. The printed design throughout the skirt is a very bohemian look that is fun to match along with other casual items. The elastic waistband along with the internal drawstring will help to make sure the skirt will remain right where you want it. Full button front allows you to have even more control over how open the skirt will be at any given time. The flowing mature of the loose fitting skirt means that it will move when you are moving and will incorporate plenty of cooling air within. Lightweight and fun, this skirt is a perfect addition to the summer looks you are trying to create.


Size S M L XL 2XL
Waist 25.5" 26" 28.5" 30" 32.5"
64cm 66cm 72cm 76cm 82cm
Length 38.5" 39" 39" 39.5" 40"
97cm 98cm 99cm 100cm 101


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